Monday, March 23, 2015

There's a Mouse In Our House !

I forgot to take a before picture so I had to dig out an old photo so you can get the idea. There was an old vent that served no purpose and I was tired of looking at it. I decided we needed a Mouse Hole. So, using materials we already had,we have a new tenant ! I used a motion sensor light so when you walk near the mouse hole the light comes on

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Zack & Quack: Popping Hopping Easter DVD GIVEAWAY

Zack & Quack are coming to the U.S. for the 1st time on DVD in the release Zack & Quack: Popping Hopping Easter. This series follows the adventures of a dynamic boy named Zack & his best friend, an impulsive young duck, called Quack. They live inside the most amazing pop-up book ever! It's a place full of fantastical surprises – where pulling pop-ups makes exciting and unexpected things happen. New worlds and fantastic voyages quite literally unfold before your eyes in this five episode DVD. We love QUACK follow Kaboom on Facebook
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