Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reading Horizons

I was sent the Reading Horizons to review with my Kindergartener. So far we are enjoying working with Reading Horizons. I'll update and share our progress as the year goes on. Here's a bit about Reading Horizons Approach. What is the Reading Horizons Approach? Reading Horizons empowers teachers with a simple, streamlined approach for teaching reading to emerging and struggling readers of all ages. Simply by teaching the core framework of the Reading Horizons methodology, students are empowered with skills that allow them to decode over 80% of the words in the English language. The core framework of the Reading Horizons methodology: 42 Sounds of the Alphabet 5 Phonetic Skills 2 Decoding Skills To make this framework engaging, appealing, and sensible for students, Reading Horizons incorporates a unique marking system and multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction into every lesson. What skills do students develop as they learn the Reading Horizons methodology? The main focus of the Reading Horizons approach is to help students develop decoding skills that create a solid foundation for mastering more advanced reading skills. While learning the core framework, exercises are layered in to build vocabulary, spelling, grammar, fluency, and comprehension skills. What tools are available for teaching Reading Horizons methodology? Along with teacher training, Reading Horizons offers user-friendly, age-appropriate products that make this approach simple and practical to implement: Reading Horizons Discovery (grades K-3) Direct Instruction Materials and Interactive Software Reading Horizons (grades 4-12) Direct Instruction Materials and Interactive Software How effective is Reading Horizons methodology? Upon completing the Reading Horizons program, most students gain 2-3 reading levels. Reading Horizons is so confident in its products and methodology, that each purchase is backed with a two-year money back guarantee when implemented with fidelity.

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