Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Post Sesame Street Cereal

I think it's safe to say Baby B likes it ! How adorable is he..... Post Cereal has launched a new cereal for the special munchkins in your life! As any parent will tell you, that first photo or video of your child eating on their own is one that will be cherished forever! Make this moment fun and exciting with new Post Sesame Street Cereal. Post Sesame Street Cereal comes in two flavors, A is for Apple and B is for Banana. This new cereal is specially formulated to meet a growing toddler’s needs, providing them with 2/3 of their daily whole grains serving with only 1 gram of sugar. Children will be familiar with their furry friends, Elmo and Cookie Monster, who are featured on the front of the box, and parents will feel good letting them eat it. Additionally, the fun X and O shapes are specifically designed for little fingers and the yummy cereal has a soft texture that melts away for safe and easy consumption. Each box features 2 different educational activities per flavor for you and your little one to enjoy. You can have fun collecting them all!

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