Monday, June 9, 2014

Fairy Garden - Going to the Circus

Fairy Circus Garden I only bought one thing for this whole project. I paid 7.00 for the Ferris Wheel on ebay. Everything else I already had or made. I couldn't believe the train track I had fit perfectly. I used red tape to make the stripes on the container. My fairy Doll is made from little spools. I already had it but , I added a flower petal skirt and wings and clown nose of course.
Games !! Knock Em' Down, Duck Pond and Ring Toss !

Yes I made the mouse a clown nose.

My swing ride that I made. I wanted something that would actually spin. I used a cd holder and painted it and used the plastic clear cd as the top I covered the top in paper and modge podge with beads. . It spins !! The little swings flip out like a real ride. I was so proud. I made the little swings from foam. It took some tinkering. I added the gold knob on top to make it easier to spin.
I made the funhouse from a shiny mylar gift bag.
Here is my version of the Globe of Death. Free from a garage sale and borrowed the motorcycle from my son. Free printables from


  1. Oh my gosh. The patience to do this! How utterly adorable :)

  2. Fabulous job! Oh this is so adorable for a centerpiece or cake topper for a circus themed party.
    Love the attention to detail, thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us.

  3. Very fun and unique garden! That took a lot of effort, you should be pleased!