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How Do You Kill a Tree Stump and Roots
Jul 27

How Do You Kill a Tree Stump and Roots in the Most Effective Ways ?

By Shari Jennings | How-To

Do you have a tree stump in your yard that’s developing new shoots? You have to find ways to kill it before it keeps on growing! An almost dead stump is such an unpleasant thing to see.

A simple, yet less laborious method to destroy a tree stump and to keep its roots from getting longer, is to dig the large tree stumps completely out of the soil. Herbicides that contain glyphosate or triclopyr may enter the living part of the stump. They may also head throughout the systems of the roots to kill the whole stump, including its origins. Thus, they prevent the roots from growing again.

Jul 27

What is the Best Axe for Splitting Wood and Chopping Wood ?

By Shari Jennings | Graden Tools , How to

What is the best axe for splitting wood? Apparently, this is a baffling question many homeowners are trying to answer. With the presence of various axe brands, choosing the right one proves to be hard.

An axe is a utility for any homeowners. It can be a useful equipment to keep whether you are at home or outside. For campers, this tool helps them to chop efficiently and split woods for a campfire.

Jul 25

How to Calibrate a Backpack Sprayer Correctly?

By Shari Jennings | How-To

Many people don't know how to calibrate a backpack sprayer although it is already a standard tool for market gardeners. A wrong backpack sprayer and improper calibration can cause you inefficient pest control, many dead crops, and a lot of wasted money.

The backpack sprayer is a piece of equipment that gardeners and farmers should have. It should be cost-efficient and handy so that you will not need larger tools. A backpack sprayer is also good for any other chemical-related functions. If you know how to calibrate this tool correctly, you can make a significant positive impact. First, on your finances, and second which is the most important, on the environment.