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best wood splitting
Jul 27

By Shari Jennings | How to

There is nothing comfy than a fireplace full of burning wood in the winter to keep you warm. If you do not know how to chop all of that wood, it will be a challenge for you.

However, just think about cutting wood as a way of slashing off your electric bill when you use a heater. But, what makes a difference is choosing a high-quality wood splitting ax.

You might be wondering, “How to choose a wood splitting axe? Well, our experts in wood cutting have put together some facts you need to know before you purchase a splitting axe.


Our experts have formulated this test to measure the cutting function of your wood splitting axe. The first thing you need to do is to have a madrone. It is a dense wood that is very hard to split or to chop. You may try to cut your woods using your splitting ax. You should test other splitting woods, aside from the one you have, side by side. You should take into consideration its weight, simplicity, power, and how they work when chopping small and big woods.


Ancient people made the earliest axe dating way back 2.5 million years ago. Isn’t that amazing? These axes are linking 300,000 to 500,000 years old. In our modern age, manufacturers have done so much to enhance them. They added handles and also made these axes from steel. A wood splitting axe is perfect when a regular axe is not working hard enough to split woods.

If you have to cut harder wood, you will need to consider getting a wood splitting axe. But, if you do not have any background about wood splitting axe, you do not need to worry. All you need to do is to have your ax and place it in the rip in the log.

But if it does not have a scratch, you can hammer the wood before cutting it with the ax. It is not a complicated task to do. However, you need to pay attention to safety when throwing your cutting tool.


If you do not have any idea on handling hand tools, you probably think that an axe is just an ax. They do the same work. That’s all it does! However, they have different purposes. A wood splitting axe does different jobs.

While there are sorts of axes used by craftsmen and carpenters, if you are going to have firewood, you just need to know the three types of axes. You need to know splitting axes, chopping axes, and mauls. A wood chopping ax or a felling ax has a lightweight ax head with a narrow border. It is for the purpose of slicing wood in a horizontal manner.

On the other hand, a splitting mail and a splitting ax are a lot heavier, and their edges are dull. They are designed to split the wood vertically. Choosing the wrong axe for certain tasks won’t damage any of your axes. However, it will make chopping a lot tougher.

When you use a chopping axe to split the wood, you need to put a lot of effort to swing it because of its excellent blade and less weight. Moreover, your chopping ax will dull rapidly. Meanwhile, when you use a splitting ax, the task of splitting the log will be easier for you. You will cut the wood with more energy. And just like any other duties, when you choose the best wood splitting axe, then you make splitting logs easier.


Just like any other hand tool, the perfect splitting ax has something to do with your personal choice too. However, there are a lot of things you need to look for in a wood splitting axe that ideally fits your daily tasks. Here are some:

Consider the precise type of jobs you are going to execute with your splitting ax. If you think that you are going to slice small pieces of logs or even large pieces, you may consider buying a splitting maul or a splitting ax. While different kinds of axes will do a lot of your wood splitting work, it is vital that you get the tool that is suitable for your needs.

Know the weight of ax head that suits you and your tasks. Once you choose a type of axe, the next thing to consider is the weight of your ax head. Opt for a splitting axe that you can lift with ease, and you can swing comfortably.

Also, take a look at the axe shaft’s length. You should consider that a long shaft will be better when you need mechanical benefit and power. But, a short shaft is easier to manipulate and use. If you are not yet sure what to obtain, you may try some swings in an open space on similar weights of the ax head. If you are under pressure when aiming at the target or you get too exhausted, you may select a lighter or a shorter axe.

Take into consideration the quality of your axe. Although your axe is easy to use, you will ideally consider the quality of materials of your axe. An ax head should have a solid metal without any visible gashes. Your ax head should be in one place and should not shake on the shaft. They are steady and secure. Whether you are utilizing a traditional wood shaft or a synthetic shaft, you must know that a wobbling ax head is more at risk of damage.

Last but not the least, the ideal ground for a lot of people when choosing a wood splitting axe is its quality. When choosing one, you should opt for a high-quality version that is very compact. You should also consider an ax that is affordable and would go with your budget. You should also find an ax that is easy to use and an axe that’s durable enough to last for years.


Anyone who already handled a wood splitting ax knows that it is a challenging experience to choose the best one. But to make the whole process simple, our experts have put together the top 5 best wood splitting axes that are doing the right job. Here are as follows:


Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe


It is a portable axe, around 1.5 lbs in weight, 3 and ¼ face, and has a Hickory handle of at least 19 inches. It also comes with a grain-leather cover. This axe contains a thin blade. It also has a long handle that enables powerful slicing. It is best for splitting or slicing a limb wood. Moreover, this axe comes with a lifetime warranty.


What’s appealing about this axe is its size since a lot of users claim that it does not weigh them down. They are also sharper compared to other factory blades put on a lot of knives. It is a lot fuller, but it is also short enough to make splitting woods easier. This axe is also handed polished; that’s why it is very sharp. It easily splits small timber and firewood. It has lightweight materials to be carried in a small bag, especially when you go camping. It is also ideal for your camping trip.


The only downfall of this axe is that it is too sharp that it will cut through its leather cover. A piece of advice is to replace the leather sheath, so it won’t cut you when you use it. You may also be careful when you put it back on the cover.


Fiskars X27 Super Splitting


It is ideal for taller users that want to split large logs or woods. The axe can do the efficient splitting. In fact, it can produce firewood in just one strike split. It has a standard weight to power ratio. Thus, it has an increasing swing speed to double the power. It also maintains a reasonable balance when swinging the ax. It has an innovative convex blade that creates extra power. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.


It is ideal for taller users that want to split large logs or woods. The axe can do the efficient splitting. In fact, it can produce firewood in just one strike split. It has a standard weight to power ratio. Thus, it has an increasing swing speed to double the power. It also maintains a reasonable balance when swinging the ax. It has an innovative convex blade that creates extra power. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. 


This axe is what you need if you are trying to split woods in just a single strike. Its convex blade also works well for cutting logs. It has a textured handle which helps in controlling your swings. 


Some clients claim that the big edge of the ax makes it hard to monitor. It is also very sharp. Thus, you need to make sure that you don’t split the wood on your floor. It will smack through and may destroy your axe.


Estwing EBTA Black Eagle Tomahawk Axe


The Tomahawk axe is a well-made product. It boasts its high-quality materials. Its matte finish also makes it look different than any other axes on the market. It has a nylon vinyl grip for shock reduction purposes. It also contains the real American steel. It is created to do different tasks, including splitting, cutting, digging, and trenching. 


It strikes through efficiently, and it is sharp enough to split and cut woods. Its design is very simple, yet sleek. This axe makes an extension on your hand. Its grip has a curve. Thus, you can grab it underneath its grip. 


It’s no question that this product is a great tool. However, its users claim that it’s weight tends to go towards the head. Since the head is pretty light, the most of the weight goes to its handle.


True Temper Wood Buddy Miner’s Axe


It is perfect for splitting and cutting wood, for trimming tree branches, and for pruning your trees. It has a handle guard made so it won’t become loose. The handle is also effortlessly replaceable. The axe's hickory handle enables this ax to swing through. 


This axe is useful for splitting and cutting purposes since it gives you an increased power for your swings. You may also choose the handle for trimming small branches of your trees. 


This axe may not work too well for people with weaker or thinner wrists.


Gerber 31 0009117 Splitting Axe


Its head has a durable steel to sustain its edge. It has fiber handle that makes it easier to grip. It has the perfect balance and weight for dynamic swings. The protective sheath makes it safe and secure to use. 


It is a great axe for camping. It is very light to handle. The axe's lightweight materials make your swing more efficiently. Its steel blade is also durable, and it splits wood faster. 


This axe is a lot bigger in person that it is in pictures. Its blade becomes dull quickly when you use it regularly.


When choosing an ax, its weight and size could be its greatest asset. Its design should also enable you to swing effectively for longer periods of time without becoming too exhausted. For many users, the Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Ax has been chosen as the best wood splitting axe out on the market today. So many customers claim that this axe does not weigh them down. They also have sharper ax compared to any other axes. This axe is full, yet short length makes it ideal for splitting wood conveniently.

The axe is hand polished to create its sharp blade. It is also perfect for any outdoor activities, especially camping to produce your campfire wood quickly. The axe has a lightweight property that makes it handy. In fact, it can be quickly brought in everywhere in your small bag.