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Jul 27

What is the Best Axe for Splitting Wood and Chopping Wood ?

By Shari Jennings | Graden Tools , How to

What is the best axe for splitting wood? Apparently, this is a baffling question many homeowners are trying to answer. With the presence of various axe brands, choosing the right one proves to be hard.

An axe is a utility for any homeowners. It can be a useful equipment to keep whether you are at home or outside. For campers, this tool helps them to chop efficiently and split woods for a campfire.

Jul 25

How to Calibrate a Backpack Sprayer Correctly?

By Shari Jennings | Graden Tools , How to

Many people don't know how to calibrate a backpack sprayer although it is already a standard tool for market gardeners. A wrong backpack sprayer and improper calibration can cause you inefficient pest control, many dead crops, and a lot of wasted money.

The backpack sprayer is a piece of equipment that gardeners and farmers should have. It should be cost-efficient and handy so that you will not need larger tools. A backpack sprayer is also good for any other chemical-related functions. If you know how to calibrate this tool correctly, you can make a significant positive impact. First, on your finances, and second which is the most important, on the environment.